Real Estate Agent Training Programs To Boost Your Career

How To Buy Your First Multi-family Property

This course by Albert Dweck is a great start on finding rental property and how to analyze a deal before buying.

The Art Of Syndication

Taught by Vinod Chopra, this course is a one hour personalized coaching and is considered a blueprint for raising private money.

Breaking Into REO

This course by Peter Kasyanenko is a wholesaling real estate bulk REO course that will teach you how to get started as an REO investor.

Deal Or No Deal

This Ben Leybovich investing course is meant for beginners. You will learn how to quickly analyze a real estate deal successfully.

Self Directed IRAs

This course by Thomas Phelan will show you the history and future of Self Directed IRAs and how to properly take advantage of them.

Real Estate Accounting For Beginners

This course by John Mahoney will help you understand how to register your properties, and teach you the power of leverage.

Motivation From A Proven Investor

In this course, Vinod Chopra teaches you about mindset and attitude, and gives you tried and true tips from a very successful investor.

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