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Obtain your New York real estate license in 4 steps:

Step #1: Complete the New York 77 hour Real Estate License Course.

Step #2: Pass the school's proctored Final Exam.

Step #3: Pass the proctored State Exam.

Step #4: Complete your New York real estate salesperson application online via your eAccessNY account with the help of your sponsoring broker.

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Get Your Real Estate License Online

Recent Success Stories

Real Estate License in New York Online

Do you feel like you’re ready for a career change? Earning your New York Real Estate License online is a huge opportunity to go into business for yourself and enjoy unlimited earning potential. You can check out our blog for all of the many reasons you should earn your real estate license in New York, including:




When you sign up for our courses, you learn how to get your real estate license in NYC and New York State, from completing the 77 hour course to passing the state exam and finding a sponsoring broker. You also get plenty of resources that will help you along the way, including:


Get Your NY Salesperson License
real estate licence New York online

Get your New York Real Estate License Online without the Stress

Study when you want when you earn your New York real estate license online. Our 77-hour New York real estate license course allows you to study at your own pace. Fit your courses around your schedule, whether you work full time, part time, or you’re busy raising a family.


Earning your real estate license in New York City online is a great way to change careers without having to go back to college and go into debt. It’s affordable and convenient. Here are some of the features included when you get your New York real estate license online:


Get Your New York Salesperson License
real estate licence New York

Take the 77-Hour New York Real Estate License Course Taught by Local Real Estate Professionals

Jeffrey Buss

New York State Instructors

Michael Mintz

New York State Instructors

Matthew Scheriff

New York State Instructors

Joseph M. Insalaco

New York State Instructors

New York Real Estate Course Content

The New York State and New Your City real estate course is designed to fit your schedule.

Video Lessons:


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NYS DOS and Arello Approval.

Fun Learning Process

We designed a New York real estate course’s activities and quizzes to measure your skills.

Fun Activities & Quizzes


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Pass the final exam and get your Certificate of Completion

Proctored Final Exam:

Your Certificate of Completion:


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REU laptop.

Recent Success Stories

 Melissa Colletti

Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks. I rushed to get through the course because I am so excited to start working in the field as a NYS realtor. I thought this would have a negative impact on me toward the end when I was ready to test, but I feel I retained a lot of the info and am happy with the results.

Melissa Colletti - Real Estate Salesperson New York - Keller Williams Realty Lancaster, NY

Julio Ayon

I will like to take this moment to thank you for all the support you have provided with the online course. It not only was great and helped me to understand the aspects of Real Estate but also provided me with a background for thought as a lot of the questions in the exam required hard thinking since choices were not straightforward.

Julio Ayon - Real Estate Agent New York -

Course Structure

What New York State and NYC real estate license course covers:


Lesson 1: License Law & Regulations

Lesson 2: Law of Agency

Lesson 3.A: Legal Issues: Estates & Interests

Lesson 3.B: Legal Issues: Liens & Easements

Lesson 3.C: Legal Issues: Deeds

Lesson 3.D: Legal Issues: Title Closing & Costs

Lesson 4: The Contract of Sales and Leases

Lesson 5: Real Estate Finance

Lesson 6: Land Use Regulations

Lesson 7.A: Construction Issues

Lesson 7.B: Environmental Issues

Lesson 8: Valuation Process & Pricing Properties

Lesson 9: Human Rights & Fair Housing

Lesson 10: Real Estate Mathematics

Lesson 11: Municipal Agencies

Lesson 12: Property Insurance

Lesson 13: Licensee Safety

Lesson 14: Taxes & Assessments

Lesson 15: Condominiums & Cooperatives

Lesson 16: Commercial & Investment Properties

Lesson 17: Income Tax in Real Estate Transactions

Lesson 18: Mortgage Brokerages

Lesson 19: Property Management

Final Steps


Note: Students have 12 months to complete the course (including the School’s final exam).


Be your own boss, choose when you work, and increase your monthly income. Get a real estate license in New York online today!

$149 $99

Get Your NYS & NYC Real Estate License

Pass State Exam

If you are stressed out about passing the State Exam we designed an Easy to Pass State Exam Course.

Easy preparation:

We filtered out the exact information you need to know;

Consider this the Cliff Notes for the State exam;

You can jump between lessons as you wish.




Get both the New York State Real Estate License Course and the Pass the State Exam Course.

NYS License Course + Easily Pass the State Exam = Happy Agent



Get the Training You Need on Demand and Learn at Your Pace Online!

You need the right training and support to get your New York real estate license. The freedom to learn at your own pace can keep you motivated and help you complete the course to the best of your ability even when life gets hectic. Improve your retention and spend more time preparing for the New York real estate exam issued by the state when you study on a flexible schedule.

Not only is the 77-hour New York real estate course required to earn your real estate license, it also prepares you for the NY State Real Estate Exam. In addition to earning your real estate license in New York online, you can also sign up for our exam prep course, which includes features such as:

RealEstateU provides everything you need to learn at your own pace, ace the exam, and start your career as a New York real estate agent when you’re ready.

Find out how to get a real estate license in NYC or NY State online with RealEstateU. Making a career change has never been easier.


State requires that you COMPLETE the 77 hour New York Real Estate License Course and PASS State Exam

If you are worried about the State Exam we created a simple Pass the State Exam course that will REDUCE your exam study time by 90% and BOOST your confidence when showing up to the State exam.

Course Completion Time

  • Students have 12 months from time of purchase to complete the course;
  • If the course expires prior to completion, students will have to re-purchase the course and start from the beginning.

Refund Policy

All courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and only if the student has not completed more than 50% of the course. Any refunds issued are subject to a $20 admin charge. Please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions.

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Get both the New York State Real Estate License Course and the Pass State Exam Course

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